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Classic Care ★

We will visit your property once during the spring and again during the fall season to provide traditional yard cleanup services which includes:
  • Pruning back shrubs and hedges
  • Weeding of landscape beds
  • Rake, clean out and removal of leaves and small branches

★★ Classic Select ★★

This maintenance package includes the traditional twice per year yard cleanup services as well as weekly mowing and annual mulching.
  • Weekly mowing and edging
  • Pruning back shrubs and hedges
  • Weeding of landscape beds
  • Rake, clean out and removal of leaves and small branches
  • Top dressing of mulched areas once per year

★★★ Classic Premium ★★★

Your yard will be expertly tended to and maintained with this custom tailored package. It is the ideal solution to having a truly hassle free yard. These services include:
  • Weekly mowing and edging
  • Pruning of shrubs and hedges as needed
  • Weeding of landscape beds as needed
  • Cleanup and trimming of perennials
  • Spade edging of bed lines (if applicable)
  • Top dressing of mulched areas as needed
  • Rake, clean out and removal of leaves and small branches as needed

Landscape Maintenance Services


A well manicured and maintained lawn and garden area creates curb appeal for your home and helps to increase its value.

Throughout the seasons Classic Yardworks provides all of the landscape maintenance services you need throughout the Springfield, MO area to help make your outdoor space a more worry free and enjoyable environment.

Landscape Bed Maintenance

We can create a custom program for you to help keep your landscaping beds looking well maintained. We will remove any weeds, cleanup perennials, remove debris, etc. Essentially, keeping your plants in shape and your beds looking great.


Landscaping is an important extension of your home and we offer a variety of mulch types to help take care of it. Freshly applied mulch in your landscape and flowerbeds makes a great first impression. All of our landscape mulch installations are applied at the appropriate thickness to provide protection from broadleaf weeds and help maintain moisture levels in the soil.


Well-timed pruning goes a long way toward improving your landscape investment. There are many good reasons for professional pruning of shrubs, hedges and trees:

  • Properly pruned shrubs and trees not only look more attractive, but also grow healthier and more vigorously.
  • When you prune plants to let in more air and light, surrounding plants and turf grass often benefit.
  • Pruning maintains or reduces the size of the plant and removes dead, diseased, and/or broken branches.
  • Pruning returns plants to their more natural growth patterns and makes them stronger by removing suckers, water sprouts, or other weak limbs and branches.

Without pruning, trees and shrubs can outgrow their locations, and become unsightly. Pruning can also remove branches and limbs that might pose a hazard to people, homes, or power lines.